Libby Is Now Available For Amazon Fire Tablets

switch from overdrive to libby

Good news! The Libby App is now available for Amazon Fire tablets in the Amazon Appstore. The OverDrive app will be removed from the Amazon Appstore on June 7, 2023. Fire tablet users who already have the OverDrive app installed can continue to use it for now, but it is no longer in active development. The OverDrive app will display messaging encouraging those with compatible devices to upgrade to Libby. The web page that hosted OverDrive’s Libby APK instructions will redirect users to the Amazon Appstore to download Libby. Users with OverDrive’s Libby APK on their Fire tablet can continue to use that version. If a user would like to switch to the Amazon Appstore version of the app, they can follow these steps. Learn more on Libby Help.